Bearing Lubrication

We have developed an extensive product range so that you can be sure to find the right lubricant for your requirement. Our specialised, high quality bearing greases are formulated to help improve cleanliness and efficiency of your machinery, to reduce running costs and increase the operating life of your machinery

Our bearing greases are all H1 registered for incidental contact with foodstuffs and Halal and Kosher certified.

For extreme high or low temperatures our synthetic range VICKERLUBE FGS provides excellent stability for temperatures from -50 degrees C to +260 degrees C


To ensure maximum performance of your bearings, we recommend you carefully clean all friction points of dirt and residue before initial and relubrication. This process is important to prevent contamination and corrosion and ensure the lubricant can adhere to the bearing surface properly.

How to determine correct viscosity

The correct viscosity is a calculation determined by the operating speed, operating temperature, bearing diameter and load ratio. We advise you contact your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for their recommendation, or to speak to an expert at Vickers Oils, please contact us.

Bearing Applications

General Equipment Ambient temperature – Dry VICKERLUBE FG EP GREASE 2 High wear resistance
General Equipment Central Lubrication Systems VICKERLUBE FG EP GREASE 000 High wear resistance
General Equipment High Temperature Bearings VICKERLUBE FGS EP GREASE 2 Extreme temperature resistance
Direct Food Contact Bearings VICKERLUBE FG 3HDC GREASE 2 3H direct contact registered
General Equipment Wet Applications VICKERLUBE FG HLW GREASE 2 Waterproof
General Equipment High Load Applications VICKERLUBE FG HLW GREASE 2 High load carrying properties
General Equipment Freezer and low temperature bearings VICKERLUBE FGS LT GREASE 1 Low temperature resistance
General Equipment High speed bearings VICKERLUBE FGS LT GREASE 1 Excellent high speed properties