Hydraulic & Compressor Food Grade Lubricants

Hydraulic SystemsReservoirsVICKERLUBE FG FLUID 32 / 46 / 68High wear resistance
Hydraulic SystemsReservoirs – Extreme temperatureVICKERLUBE FGS FLUID 32 / 4668Extreme long life
Airline lubricatorsReservoirsVICKERLUBE FG FLUID 32Prevents stick slip and corrosion
Vacuum CompressorsReservoirsVICKERLUBE FG FLUID 46High wear resistance, low carry over
CompressorsReservoirsVICKERLUBE FGS FLUID 32 / 4668Extreme long life

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30% of our workforce are employed in the technical team, focusing on Quality Control, R&D, OEM liaison and Technical Service allowing us to provide one-on-one dedicated customer support by our team of highly qualified experts.