Case Study ISHIMA International Ship Management

Rapid Service – 5 hours from inquiry to delivery.

When ISHIMA International Ship Management contacted Vickers Oils with an urgent enquiry, Vickers Oils had the agility to deliver product to the vessel within 5 hours!

On 17 September 2018, Vickers Oils received an urgent enquiry from ISHIMA International Ship Management to advise on a product alternative and make delivery within the same day. The vessel was already docked in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates and was in urgent need of five drums of a replacement emulsifiable and biodegradable sterntube lubricant.

The highly knowledgeable and dedicated technical service team at Vickers Oils were able to advise on a suitable product for the requirement, HYDROX BIO 100, and provide clarity on customer concerns regarding compatibility.

Due to the fast response from both Vickers Oils sales order team and technical service team, a quote was provided to the customer just one hour after receiving the initial enquiry.

Vickers agent, Gulf Agency Co, based in the Fujairah (UAE) where the ship was docked, was alerted of the potential order to be on stand by to make a fast turn-around once the order was confirmed.

The customer confirmed the order at 11:30am and warned that the ship would depart from dock in just five hours. The HYDROX BIO 100 was delivered to the vessel at 14:30pm, with a full two hours to spare, just five hours since the initial inquiry to Vickers Oils was sent.

Mr. Ron Goh from ISHIMA commented “I have been a loyal customer of Vickers Oils for four years now because I have total confidence in, not only their quality products, but also their ability to provide me with reliable advice. When I learned of the urgent need for an emulsifiable stern tube oil for our vessel in Fujairah dock, I knew I could depend on Vickers Oils to act quickly and professionally”.  

Following the order, Vickers Oils will support the vessel with our condition monitoring service to allow complete peace of mind with regard to the use of Vickers Oils lubricants. We offer expert judgements on lubrication condition and machinery health based independent laboratory testing and a comprehensive database of results drawn from over a decade of analysis. Our full-service team is here to answer any queries regarding test results and their interpretation.

Vickers Oils hold stock globally through an extensive and dedicated agent and distributor network. Our ability to supply urgent orders with speedy turnaround relies on our highly knowledgeable staff, the streamlined processes we implement in-house and the dedication we receive from our agents and distributors.

To learn more about our range of OEM approved and VGP compliant environmentally acceptable lubricants, or our extensive worldwide distributor network and our condition monitoring service, please visit or call 0113 386 7654.