Case Study Outstanding Customer Service

Demonstrating exceptional customer service by delivering on time, despite multiple challenges.

When a customer in Singapore contacted Vickers Oils needing urgent help, we were able to deliver despite many challenges.

The order was very short notice.

  • A national holiday in Spain caused a stop to all commercial transport.
  • A surge of deliveries just before the planned date for Brexit caused a huge backlog in freight companies.
  • After much searching, Lorena Casas, a member of our dedicated sales team, was able to find a company able to ship the order on time. But more challenges lay ahead.

The day after dispatch, we received a phone call from our customer with news that the ship’s timetable had changed. This meant that the ship would arrive early, missing the delivery date. To find a solution that would suit our customer, Lorena contacted the receiving agent, asking for information of other stops by the ship and acted quickly to suggest and plan a new delivery location, with the order already on route.

Most communications to coordinate this complicated reschedule happened in Spanish. As a global exporter, Vickers Oils understands the benefit of being able to conduct business in multiple languages.

Our customer commented:

“Vickers Oils customer service was exceptional in this delivery, thanks to the close communication and prompt follow up which allowed this supply to happen successfully, despite the ‘strong head wind’ and last-minute changes. We are truly grateful for Vickers Oils dedication in the situation and their continued support and close partnership going forward”.

Vickers Oils hold stock globally through an extensive and dedicated agent and distributor network. Our ability to supply urgent orders with speedy turnaround relies on our highly knowledgeable staff, the streamlined processes we implement in-house and the dedication we receive from our agents and distributors.

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