Thruster Lubricants delivering superior anti-wear, EP and corrosion protection even when water ingress occurs

Description Mineral oil based lubricant for use in auxiliary or main propulsion thruster units.
Typical Viscosity (cSt @40°C) 105
Viscosity Index 105
Density (kg/ltr@15°C) 0.89
Pour Point IP15 (°C) < –20
FZG Extreme Pressure Test for Gear Oils Passes load stage 12


HYDROX 8EP is an extreme pressure (EP) gear lubricant based on mineral oils which have been designed primarily for the lubrication of thrusters. HYDROX 8EP will absorb any sea or fresh water that may enter the unit to form a fluid emulsion thereby continuing to provide the required lubrication and corrosion protection.

The emulsions, once formed, have excellent stability, therefore free water is not released. This ensures corrosion protection is maintained even during prolonged standing and during the critical time of start-up.

HYDROX 8 EP (both neat oil and also emulsion form) has been successfully tested by Class and their stability, lubricating and corrosion protection performance have been verified by Lloyds Register. In accordance with best practise and some OEM guidelines we would, however, always recommend monitoring water content and taking remedial action once the water content exceeds specific OEM limitations for regular running.

HYDROX 8 EP provides a very high standard of anti-wear performance suitable for the lubrication of heavily loaded gears, giving high resistance to micropitting and scuffing. HYDROX 8EP have been formulated to be suitable in applications where a combined gear lubricant/hydraulic function is required.

HYDROX EP lubricants have been formulated to have good compatibility with the elastomers used for seals fitted in the marine equipment. HYDROX 8EP has been tested and approved for use by the major seal manufacturers.

HYDROX 8 EP is compatible with many other EP type lubricants and therefore can usually be added without special precautions.

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