VICKERLUBE BIO LV WRL is a biodegradable wire rope lubricant with a solvent component primarily intended for spray application and to assist with penetration into the rope core.

It is formulated using readily renewable and biodegradable base oils and is suitable for applications where lubricant contamination and environmental issues are a concern. 

The low viscosity allows lubricant to penetrate between the strands of the rope providing complete rope lubrication. Once the solvent evaporates a high viscosity oil is left in-situ.

The fluidity helps to ensure that the rope strands are well lubricated, reducing internal wear caused by the metal-to-metal contact occurring when the wires slide or bend around a drum or sheave. Corrosion is prevented by displacing moisture and forming a thin barrier of continuous lubricant film protecting against the elements.


VICKERLUBE BIO LV WRL is designed for use on wire ropes in applications where biodegradability is a concern or a necessity.

Can be used on wire ropes to protect them while in storage against corrosion. It can also be used to effectively lubricate operational wire ropes that are static or moving, against wear and corrosion.

Applications include: 

  • Quayside ship to shore cranes 
  • Container handling equipment including straddle carriers and reach stackers 
  • Marine Deck and Winch ropes 
  • All lifting and hoist ropes in mining and construction industries 
  • All static and guy rope applications typically found on bridge and waterway applications 
  • Lift and drag ropes used in logging and forestry applications 
Colour Clear & Bright
Viscosity at 40°C (cSt) 23*
Flash Point (SETA) (°C) 60*
Pour Point (°C) -66*
Base Oil Viscosity (cSt) 330
Copper corrosion 1b
4 Ball Weld Load (kgf) >400
4 Ball Wear Scar (mm) 0.33
Biodegradable & renewable Yes
Rust Test (A – distilled water) Pass
Rust Test (B – synthetic sea water) Pass
NLGI n/a
Worked penetration n/a
Dropping point (°C) n/a
EMCOR (ssw) n/a
Shelf Life 3 years
Feature and Benefits  
Biodegradable & renewable – Lowers environmental impact, improves corporate responsibility Yes
Low viscosity – Lubricates between rope strands Yes
Formulated with a solvent component – Spray application & penetration performance Yes
De-watering characteristics – Displaces water and leaving a thin lubricant film Yes
Corrosion protection – Increases rope & cable life Yes
Protects rope against wear resistance Yes
Extreme pressure resistant – Maximises component life in all load conditions Yes (Excellent)
* Generated on diluted product. All other tests run on neat product.  
Environmental **
Spray ****
Manual **
Penetrating ***
Immersion in water  
Pack size and product number  
25 litre pails 25827

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