Our Approach to Sustainability

Vickers Oils has established an internal task force and developed a set of sustainability goals aimed at becoming carbon net-zero, with an initial target date of 2028, if feasible.

Our aim during 2022, is to be become a carbon-neutral organisation for Scope 1 (direct greenhouse emissions from vehicles, travel and boilers) and Scope 2 emissions (indirect greenhouse emissions e.g. electricity) by offsetting the environmental impact using a certified third party.

Solar power is currently used to generate electricity on site and as required this is supplemented by using third-party renewable energy sources. Work is underway to evaluate the possibility of installing more solar panels to further improve this balance.

Electric Vehicle charging stations are currently available on site and work is underway to investigate the installation of additional stations.

Data is being requested from suppliers to enable a better understanding about their carbon footprints which will ultimately enable us to better understand the impact of our products.

We are also heavily engaged with UEIL’s Europe-wide sustainability initiative for the lubricants industry, both sharing our own experiences and benefitting from others’ best practices.

At Vickers we believe in the importance of the individual and wish to treat not only each employee, but each person who has any dealings with our Company, as a person of individual worth.

Service & Support

30% of our workforce are employed in the technical team, focusing on Quality Control, R&D, OEM liaison and Technical Service allowing us to provide one-on-one dedicated customer support by our team of highly qualified experts.