Why use high quality needle oil?

Why use a high quality needle oil?

Vickers Oils have enjoyed a leading position as an independent manufacturer of quality textile lubricants for over 180 years. Our business today embraces more than 60 countries across the continents.

Vickers has been closely associated with the knitting industry for many years supplying a range of needle lubricants for all types of industrial knitting machinery. The company has agents or distributors for textile lubricants in every major textile producing area. All our oils are however manufactured in the UK in strict accordance with our Quality Control systems. These ensure that each batch made meets the required specification in terms of both physical properties and also scouring performance. The company is accredited under the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance standard and its commitment to environmental issues also mean that the company operates an environmental management system which is fully compliant with the requirements of ISO 14001:2004.

To increase machine productivity

As machinery becomes increasingly sophisticated it is vital that the quality of lubrication is optmised. Vickers needle lubricants are designed to offer maximum protection to the knitting machines. By using Vickers Oils, knitters are providing a system of preventative maintenance for their expensive machines. Some of the benefits enjoyed by users of Vickers needle oils are as follows:

  • Increased needle and sinker life
  • Machines can be operated at high speeds without break down of the lubricant
  • Reduced down time for repairs and cleaning
  • Good distribution of the oil throughout the machine whichever oiling system is used
  • No damage to electronic actuation systems
  • No damage to machine paint and plastic components
  • Non-corrosive
  • Easy start up
  • Resistant to high temperatures

To minimise faulty fabric

As the chart shows, the needle oil is typically a relatively low contributor to the cost of consumable items used in knitting. In this the illustration is of 95% cotton/5% elastane fabric. By far the most important cost element is the yarn. The economics of the knitting industry depends upon maximising the amount of this yarn that is converted into “first quality” fabric.

Vickers needle lubricants can increase the amount of saleable “first quality” finished fabric produced and reduce the reject or down graded fabric as follows:

  • Easy removal of needle oil lines or stains from all fibre types
  • Prevention of dyeing faults
  • Prevention of damage to elastane yarns in heat setting