Vickers Oils authorised distribution partner, VROOAM Lubricants receives the Green Award

VROOAM Lubricants, our authorised distribution partner for the European Inland Waterways, was awarded the Green Award to represent and promote Vickers Oils Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) as Green Award Incentive Supplier, to inland waterways vessels.

Green Award for the inland shipping was established in 1994 to promote quality shipping amongst sea-going vessels. Green Award is a quality mark for ships that demonstrate high safety and environmental standards.

Jan Fransen, Executive Director of Green Award is pleased with VROOAM’s decision: “Incentive providers are the lubricant in the Green Award machine. The more parties give an advantage to ships that make extra effort when it comes to the environment and safety, all the better. With the incentive on products from Vickers Oils, VROOAM gives inland shipping entrepreneurs an extra incentive to opt for biodegradable products. Thank you!”

VROOAM’s CEO Sander van der Velden says “The use of biodegradable Vickers Oils reduces the impact of shipping on the environment. And that is also what Green Award strives for. Hence the step to commit us to the Green Award by offering a discount on Vickers Oils products as of September 1, 2022”.

Vickers Oils collaborated with VROOAM Lubricants in the Netherlands as our Distribution partner for the European Inland Waterways.

Vickers Oils and VROOAM Lubricants share the vision of expanding the use of Environmentally acceptable lubricants for marine applications that come in contact with water.

About Vickers Oils

Vickers Oils is a privately-run family business established in the UK in 1828, with a worldwide reputation as a reliable and innovative supplier of high-performance, speciality lubricants and greases to the marine, textile, and food grade sectors.

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