Key Benefits

Our commitment to product quality

Vickers’ commitment to the achievement of consistent product quality is recognised by our accreditation since 1987 under the Quality Assurance Standard BS EN ISO 9001. A rigorous approach not only to quality standards but also to continuing improvement is central to the Vickers philosophy.

All products are supported by a comprehensive technical service

At the hub of this is the Technical Service Department which co-ordinates the work of our Service Laboratory and Area Sales Managers to ensure that customer requests for advice and assistance are responded to swiftly and effectively.

Vickers’ personnel have wide international experience of the textile industry

as well as an in-depth knowledge of fibre and process technology. They are therefore well used to consult with customers and identify areas where processing improvements and competitive advantage may be brought about by the introduction of new or modified products. In many cases new products have been “tailor made” to meet the needs of a particular set of processing conditions.

Our Policy is eliminating or minimising any impact of our products and operations on the environment.

In so doing we seek, where possible, to bring environmental benefit through product design and formulation, improved manufacturing processes, control of waste, site management and employee awareness. The company is accredited under the 150 14001 environmental management standard.