Our EAL range of sterntube lubricants are approved by many of the leading OEMs and should always be used in accordance with OEM guidelines. To obtain more information please do not hesitate to contact us directly for more specific detail.


BIO 68***
BIO 100***
BIO 150***
BIO 220
      ECOSTERN SMX 100  
VITON POD SC2 / SC3 ✔         
VITON BIO SC3 ✔         

When using any approved EAL in combination with SIMPLEX standard SC2 seals, AFT sterntube bearing operating temperature 55 °C, alarm 60 °C and max. FWD seal oil operating temperature 60 °C should be observed.

No temperature limits apply for SC3 Viton POD and SC3 Viton BIO under normal operating conditions.

For all approved EALs, expected lifetime with Viton POD or Viton BIO material is 5 years.

Please note that SKF seal designations VP and VB are not abbreviations for Viton POD and Viton BIO.

***The application of this lubricant is limited. It should be used in consultation with SKF Marine only


OEM Guidelines change from time to time. The information here is based on what was available at time of publication of this document and is provided in good faith. In accordance with good practice, we recommend that you contact the OEM and follow their specific guidelines including any recommendations for the use of EAL compatible seals. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information if required.