Part no: 25892

Environmentally Acceptable Grease combining corrosion protection with excellent resistance to wash off from rain and seawater

  • Excellent resistance to water wash off
  • Long lasting corrosion protection
  • Good load carrying properties
  • NLGI 2

For deck equipment, wire ropes and rudder stocks

BIOGREASE EP2 is a Lithium/Calcium thickened lubricating grease based on fully saturated synthetic esters. It offers improved operation and lower environmental risk leading to overall cost savings.

VGP Compliance Statement
ISO 9001
ISO 14001

BIOGREASE EP2 is designed for use in sensitive marine environments and can be used in a variety of marine applications which demand a NLGI 2 grease.  It is primarily used for the lubrication of bearings and as a protective coating for exposed equipment where there is a potential for loss to occur, for example from wire ropes, winches, rudder stocks or deck equipment.VICKERLUBE BIO LV WRL is designed for use on wire ropes in applications where biodegradability is a concern or a necessity.

BIOGREASE EP2 may be applied manually or by suitable mechanical applicators (e.g. grease compressor).  The grease also has a wide operating temperature with a lower working temperature of -25°C and an upper temperature of +130°C.

Water Wash OutASTM D1264Excellent
EP PerformanceASTM D2596Excellent
Corrosion ProtectionASTM D4048 Copper CorrosionGood (1 max)
ASTM D6138 Rust (Fresh and Salt Water)No corrosion
Wear ProtectionASTM D2266Good
Elastomer CompatibilityASTM D4289 Nitrile, VitonCompatible
VGP Compliant

BIOGREASE EP2 has a biodegradability of greater than 60% in the 28 days OECD 301B test and is proven to be non-toxic in the marine environment based on the following results:

LC50 exceeds 1000 mg/lEC50 exceeds 1000 mg/lEC50 excedes 1000 mg/l

BIOGREASE EP2 meets the detailed ecological definitions and requirements laid down in the 2013 Vessel General Permit (VGP) published by the US EPA in March 2013.

Wider operating temperatureProtects equipment from -25ºC to +130ºC
Good adhesionResists the washing action of rain and seawater
Good corrosion protectionProvides rust resistance to steel and copper
Reduces wear and frictionProtects and extends equipment life
Good elastomer compatibilityCompatible with most sealing materials including Nitrile and Viton
Biodegradable and minimally toxicLower environmental risk

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) available to customers

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