World leader Orizio SRL recommends Vickers Oils

With over 60 years of experience in the textile industry, ORIZIO SRL, based in Gussago, Italy is one of the leading producers of high technology single jersey, double jersey and electronic circular knitting machines.

Collaborating with Lubrogamma Srl, Vickers Oils have attained the status of the recommended supplier of the knitting machine oils for Orizio circular knitting machines.

Both Vickers Oils and Lubrogamma are proud to be in partnership with Orizio.

Lubrogamma, a trusted partner, have been focusing on the distribution of industrial lubricants and special greases to the Italian market since 1973. They have been associated with Vickers Oils for over 20 years and while working closely, together they have managed to establish a mark for Vickers Oils lubricants in the Italian textile industry.

Highly recommended by Orizio for their knitting machines, the SPOTLESS NX range from Vickers Oils are known for their high and consistent product quality, ease of scourability from all fibres whilst still offering excellence in lubrication and keeping the needles and cylinders clean.

Based on highly refined mineral oils, SPOTLESS NX range has excellent non-corrosive properties and high standards of anti-wear performance.

Established in 1828, still a private business in which the 5th and 6th generation family members work, Vickers Oils has developed valued products as well as enduring trust and respect.

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