Vickers Oils Secures OEM Approval from Lonati S.p.A., Italy

Vickers Oils is delighted to announce a significant milestone in our partnership with Lonati, as we have earned an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) approval for our VICKERLUBE SOCK 46 needle oil.

Lonati, now officially recommends this product for use in their single-cylinder GOAL series, marking a successful collaboration that required dedicated efforts from Lonati, Lubrogamma, and Vickers Oils teams.

After rigorous testing and trials of VICKERLUBE SOCK 46 on Lonati single-cylinder machines, we received the much-anticipated approval earlier this year. This achievement is a testament to the dedication of our long-term Italian partners, Lubrogamma, who played a pivotal role in facilitating this partnership.

Lonati, a prominent name in the industry for over 70 years, is known for designing and manufacturing an impressive average of 8000 machines annually. They place a strong emphasis on delivering the highest quality textile machinery, underpinned by a commitment to research and development that ensures the use of cutting-edge products, technologies, and processes in their machines.

Vickers Oils shares these values, leading the industry in quality and assurance through our continuous focus on research and development, technological leadership, quality control, and exceptional customer service.

Team Lonati, Lubrogamma and Vickers Oils, at Airedale Mills, Leeds, October 2023

About the product

Vickers Oils are committed to sustainable product development and VICKERLUBE SOCK 46 meets the clearly defined criteria set out by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and conforms to ZDHC MRSL Level 1 certification.

VICKERLUBE SOCK 46 is a mineral based needle lubricant which is designed to meet the criteria for modern sock knitting machine technology. VICKERLUBE SOCK 46 provides a high standard of lubrication as well as holding very good stability properties and having a high resistance to oxidation. The product is readily scourable and holds a well-balanced additive system meaning that it is fully compatible with all machine components. It can also be used with any yarn type including elastane, to produce the highest quality end product.

For any more information regarding VICKERLUBE SOCK 46 or our textile range, click here.

VICKERLUBE SOCK 46 has received the OEM approval for Lonati single cylinder machines

VICKERLUBE SOCK 46 now approved for Lonati single-cylinder machines

Sustainability for Generations

In addition to our achievements in securing OEM approval, Vickers Oils is proud to be actively working towards several sustainability goals, with several already successfully realised. One standout achievement is the remarkable 39% reduction in our gas consumption on site since 2020, despite a 40% increase in production output compared to previous years. This accomplishment demonstrates our commitment to minimising our environmental footprint.

As part of our ongoing sustainability journey, we are determined to become a net-zero company for scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2028, a goal coinciding with our 200th anniversary.

At Vickers Oils, we’re dedicated not only to delivering high-quality products but also to ensuring a sustainable and environmentally responsible future. Our partnership with Lonati and our ongoing commitment to sustainability exemplify our dedication to excellence and our responsibility towards the planet.

To learn more about our sustainability efforts and achievements, we encourage you to explore our recently launched Sustainability Report for 2023, which comprehensively outlines our objectives and accomplishments in various aspects of sustainability. You can access the full report here.

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