A range of our Textile Lubricants will be moving from plastic to steel drums

A plastic pail of textile lubricants next to a steel drum with the words 'we've switched'

From January 2024, we are rolling out the change from plastic drums to steel drums for a range of our textile lubricants which can be found below.

The change is being made to reduce our plastic usage and help to move forward with our sustainability goals as a business. The change will be seen over time for those placing new orders for textile lubricants. To view our sustainability goals as a business, click here.

About the Company

Vickers Oils is a privately-run family business, established in the UK in 1828, with a worldwide reputation as a reliable and innovative formulator, manufacturer and supplier of high performance, specialty lubricants.

In 2002, Vickers Oils launched the world’s first biodegradable stern tube oil and now supply thousands of vessels with our award-winning range of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) delivered globally.

Now, as the company approaches 200 years in business, we are excited to deliver this dedication to quality, ethics, and service across a new range of products, setting a new standard for the food and beverage industry.

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